Everyone Needs a Highlight Reel.”

Sample Videos

Jamie Allen Designs

No one reads anymore,
so I am here to help you go digital with your messages/content
with short, high-quality videos for websites or to send to clients.

Process: We collaborate on your message/design needs. I draft a video template that you like and makes sense for your content. I add in your content and we make adjustments as needed. Finalize, Payment and Voila! You have a great new video to send out as you see fit!

What Types of Video Can I Make?

I try to stick to corporate intros/videos as much as possible but educational or instructional videos are also great! I don’t shoot videos, but I have a huge library of assets (video clips/images/music and sound effects) to help build whatever your messages may be. I also am a seasoned graphic designer (20+ years) who can create a large range of graphics/typography to give your branding what it needs.

Video Project Ideas

Corporate/Company Introductions

Project Explainers/Highlights

Instructional or How-Tos

Goals or Milestone Showcase

Year-in-Recap or Future Directions

Employee Recognition or Rewards

Events/Upcoming Projects

Company History or Timelines

Project Cost Idea

Am I affordable? Yes.

I am not trying to break your bank so I start billing at $400 for a minute (or under) video (plus $35/hr for editing). Break down of cost: The $400 covers only the first full draft (basically the whole look and feel before editing.) Then $35/hour for all editing hours needed. Project costs goes up based on every additional 30 seconds of video….(ie: a minute and 30 sec video starts at $440 for the first full draft then $35/hr for editing).

Check out my price list here for more detailed information.

All projects are quoted (and authorized through written contract) prior to any commitment and any additional charge needs will be made transparent prior to any extra work being started.

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