Price List

All prices below are based on the full length of the video which will be decided prior to start of the project. In cases where videos need to be extended for content during editing, an additional cost will be added to the original quote for all add-on time frames. Any additional costs will be quoted prior to adding additional times and approved as a binding agreement between client and Jamie Allen Designs.

Basically, if you need the extra 30 secs to fully get your message across which was not realized at the start of project, I will be as transparent as possible for what the extra time will cost and you (the client) will sign off on this additional cost prior to me making it happen! Fair is fair!

1 Minute (or under) Video$400 (+$35/hr for editing)
1 Minute and 30 Seconds (or under) Video$440 (+$35/hr for editing)
2 Minutes (or under) Video$480 (+$35/hr for editing)
2 Minutes and 30 Seconds (or under) Video$520 (+$35/hr for editing)
3 Minutes (or under) Video$560 (+$35/hr for editing)

ALL VIDEOS ABOVE 3 MINUTES will require an individualized quote and will be based on the overall length and complexity of the project.


***Jamie Allen Designs maintains the right to refuse or decline any projects (and/or clients) that may be deemed inappropriate or projects that are too complex for the abilities of this service.***

*** Project completion time frames vary depending on complexity of project and availability due to demand of other projects committed to prior. The estimated time frame that a client can expect work to be finished will be outlined and agreed on with their individual contract.***

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